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20 August 2007 @ 11:58 am
I don't have any stories posted here; all of my original writing is on differentbeds and my fanfic can be found on my ao3 (where everything will eventually all be crossposted).

I'm rather pressed for time most all of the time and deal with some chronic health issues, so my (outdated) masterlist can be found at theblueintheday, exchange/fest stories are should be eventually linked at tinybitsoflight, blue--dreaming has drabbles and sundry and shiritori is where most of my casual writing is. Collaborations with nachtegael can be found at crossships.

Shipping challenges are here: vixx got7 uniq bts exo.

Stories people have written for me can be found at yearofflowers (no longer updated).

I co-modded the_exordium in 2015, and round two as well as a new sister challenge the_primordium in 2016, as well as the accompanying microfic challenge the_microcosm. I also co-modded the the first and second rounds of an original/fanfic anthology project ateliers - round 3 to be announced soon. Also complete are 23emotions, a creative writing challenge and pilot Ao3 testing project, as well as orange_unicorns (2015). I'm currently an anonymous mod for several more events; in the future, most of my new modding commitments will be anonymous, apart from kpodficmix which I'm modding with a friend.

I love making friends so feel free to add, comment here (comments are screened) or PM.