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vixx shipping challenge


© [credit]The code for this challenge, specifically the table, was adapted from the exo shipping challenge by whatthekey, and the rules were adapted from there as well. Used by permission.
The icon is by changingoftides
This iteration of the shipping challenge was created by bluedreaming and can be found here.
You can find a copy of the html code here. The password is VIXX

How to play:
1. The ships aren't in any particular order but feel free to rearrange them.
2. You don't have to write a specific story for this challenge, linking other stories you've written is fine!
3. Minimum of 300 words per ship, 1000 words per otp if you have them! (Add a ☆ to the ship.)
4. Any genre is acceptable, AUs and canon and the wildest thing you can imagine.
5. There is no time limit :)

n/leo n/ken n/ravi n/hongbin
n/hyuk leo/ken leo/ravi
leo/hongbin leo/hyuk ken/ravi ken/hongbin
ken/hyuk ravi/hongbin ravi/hyuk hongbin/hyuk

Status: 1 / 15
Started 16 August 2015

It's completely optional, but if you decide to play it might be fun to drop a comment. Thanks and have fun!

[html]copy of html
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