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we dream in blue    
This is the LiveJournal of someone who writes too much and lies on the carpet and sees stars on the ceiling because it's too hard to go outside. Also there are mosquitoes.

This foray began because someone stumbled across a reference to a fanfic in the comments of a music video. This one actually, if you were interested, which you probably aren't. Because of that someone discovered the real use of lj (this person had had an account for much longer because they collect sns and social media like cakes collect flies but never really have a use for them). This person read a couple of things but fell into ao3 and read this, which distracted them for several months because xxxHoLiC is more important than anything else. But they eventually made it back here (because of this and Jaymes Young) and started writing and never stopped and that's why there's a catbear lying bonelessly on the ground right now. Pick it up and feed it chocolate. Please.

[credit]I'm falling down credit neen

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