The world is quiet here.

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“The world is quiet here.” — V.F.D.

NAME: Blue
AGE: I am over 18 years of age.
DATE OF BIRTH: ██/██/████
LOCATION: ██.█° █, ██.█° █
ABOUT | Move to Dreamwidth
Though I have no intention of closing this journal and still participate in and follow many LiveJournal-hosted communities, I've moved my personal home to [personal profile] bluedreaming, which is where you can now find me. My fanfiction work, as always, can be found on Ao3.
ABOUT | Social Media/Friending Policy
It's always okay to follow/friend me on any of my provided social media accounts and any applicable redirects. I'm not able to follow/friend everyone back due to time constraints and other unfortunate things in life—in fact, I'm currently on a sabbatical/hiatus from many events and platforms due health and other issues. On that same note, if I've followed/friended you, I absolutely don't expect you to do the same unless you would like to. In a similar vein, if there comes a time when you'd prefer not to be following me anymore, that's perfectly okay. In direct contrast to that though, you're always welcome to stop by and say hi on any of my social media platforms. I may not be able to answer all messages right away and it's always possible that I might unfortunately miss some, usually due to issues with lost notifications, but I do enjoy connecting with others. Hello in advance!
ABOUT | Transformative Works Policy
My current (updating) statement can be found on Ao3.

ZODIAC: Dragon
OCCUPATION: Working adult.
HOBBIES: Coffee, music,
stationary and an
appreciation for fine prose.

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